How to reach Tawang | Arunachal Pradesh


How to reach Tawang | Arunachal Pradesh

Before you start, I advise you to get the ILP  (Inner Liner Permit) .

Guwahati, the capital of Assam State may be rightfully termed as the gateway to Tawang for the most of the tourists planning to visit Tawang. It is roughly 543 Kms. from Tawang and is connected by Air with direct daily flights from New Delhi and Kolkata and single stop flights coming from Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur etc. Guwahati is also very well connected with other major cities like Delhi, Jammu, Kolkata, Chennai,Bangalore, etc. by the Indian Railways.
After reaching Guwahati there are various options for you to reach Tawang. Following mode of transport can be adopted to reach Tawang from Guwahati :


You can reach Tawang by using Helicopter services which are operational from Guwahati Airport. It is recommended to book the tickets in advance by calling the Counter at the Guwahati Airport and thereafter paying the ticket charges at the Counter. It takes 55 minutes to reach Tawang from Guwahati by Helicopter.


There are two routes to reach Tawang by Road are as follows:
Route 1 : (Road Under Construction between Bhalukpong to Bomdila )
Guwahati –  Rowta –  Tezpur (Hold at Tezpur for a night) 
(next day morning)Tezpur – Bhalukpong- Tenga- Bomdila (hold at Bomdila for a night)
(next day morning) Bomdila to Tawang.
Route 2 : (Recommended)
Guwahati – Rowta- Orang – (turn left at junction)- Mazbat- Kalaktang (turn right, don’t enter Kalaktang Village) – Shergaon- Rupa- Bomdila (hold at Bomdila for a night).
(next day morning) Bomdila to Tawang.
Note : 
There is construction work of road is going on in Route 1 between Bhalukpong to Bomdila. So the recommended route for your travel is Route 2.

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