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West Kameng is the District of Arunachal Pradesh. Its name comes from the Kameng river, a tributary of the brahmaputra, that flows through the district.

Tribes in West Kameng :

West kameng is comprised of mainly five (5) major tribes as follow :

  • Monpa (which includes Lish, Kalaktang, Dirang, Bhut Monpas)
  • Miji (Sajolang)
  • Sherdukpen,
  • Aka (Hrusso)
  • Bugun (Khowa)

Languages in West Kameng :

  • Miji Language
  • Hruso Language (AKA)
  • Puroik Language
Kho-Bwa languages
  • Khowa language (Bugun)
  • Sartang language
  • Sherdukpen Language
  • Lish ( and Chug )Language
Bodish Languages
  • Tshangla Language
  • Brokpa Language

Administrative circles in West Kameng : 

  • Bomdila ( is the headquarter of West Kameng District)
  • Dirang
  • Kalaktang
  • Bhalukpong
  • Balemu
  • Jameri
  • Singchung
  • Nafra
  • Thrizno
  • Rupa
  • Shergaon
  • Thembang

Religion in West Kameng : 

Most of the inhabitants are Buddhist, although the Aka, Khowa, and Miji have indigenous religions and those tribe members follow a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Donyi-Polo

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